Beautification Grant Program

One of the City' goals is to encourage the overall improvement of the physical appearance of the community. This can be facilitated by assisting business property owners, and/or tenants, to develop creative and coordinated improvements to their existing property. These physical improvements will also increase the economic base of the City. The purpose of this grant program is to provide a monetary incentive for business property owners who are interested in making an improvement to their property.


All business property owners, and/or tenants with the owner's approval, in the T, GC-1 or GC-2 districts, who are interested in improving their existing business property within the city limits of Daytona Beach Shores are eligible. Business is defined as a hotel/motel, and other commercial/retail businesses.

Each may apply for a matching grant of up to $1,000 for beautification/improvement purposes of business property, which could be used for the following improvements:

  • Awnings (including removal of old awnings and installation of new awnings)
  • Landscaping and Planters
  • Painting (all colors to be approved by the City)
  • Pressure Cleaning


All improvements must be in compliance with all city codes. All improvements must be discussed and approved by the Community Services Director, or his designee.


  1. Submit completed application form to the Director of the Community Services Department. The application will be submitted to the Beautification Advisory Board for funding approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting, held the third Thursday of the month.
  2. All work must comply with city building codes and all applicants are responsible for obtaining required permits before beginning any work. All proposed improvements must be approved before beginning any work.
  3. When the work is completed and paid for, submit all receipts and/or canceled checks as proof that all services and copies of permits or materials have been paid. Submit a copy of the rendering or site plans. Inspections will be done to ensure that all materials purchased and installed conform to the work, which was proposed and was done in a professional manner.

For additional information, contact Fred Hiatt, Director, Community Services Department.