Business Tax Receipt Division


Business Tax Receipt:

A Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as an Occupational License until 2006) is required from any business located in Daytona Beach Shores, including home based business offices and persons with an individual state license, except real estate agents.  Business Tax Receipts are valid from October 1st, to September 30th and renewals are sent out each year in late July to early August.

Business Tax Receipt applications have listed on the top of the application what documents and/or information must be submitted with the applications.

Certificate of Use:

A Certificate of Use was started in 2009 and is required for all new commercial businesses starting in Daytona Beach Shores.  This includes changes in ownership and name changes for existing businesses.  Certificates of Use verify zoning, check parking requirements, verify valid lease or deed, and perform building and fire inspections for code compliance and safety.