Oversight & Enforcement

City employees representing the City through social media outlets or participating in social media features on City websites are required to maintain a high level of ethical conduct and professional decorum. Failure to do so is grounds for revoking the privilege to participate in agency social media and may result in disciplinary action as aforesaid. City employees are deemed to recognize that the content and messages they post on social media are public and may be cited as official City of Daytona Beach Shores statements. Social media should not be used to circumvent other City communications policies.

Information must be presented following professional standards and avoiding jargon, obscure terminology or acronyms and have good:

  • Brevity
  • Clarity
  • Good grammar
  • Spelling

Prohibited Social Media Site Information

  • Commercial or political endorsements
  • Confidential information
  • Information that results in copyright violations or otherwise violated intellectual property rights
  • Partisan political views
  • Postings including personal email account addresses
  • Profanity, racist, sexist or derogatory content
  • Spam


The City Clerk shall act as Communications Officer and all employees shall be subject to the direction of the Communications Officer regarding matters set forth in this policy. The Communications Officer shall delegate the responsibility of reviewing content to offices or departments to a designated "content manager". When a site is maintained by an office or department, information posted on the site will be reviewed prior to being released, in accordance with the department's or office's normal review process. The Communications Officer will be responsible for maintaining an archive of all information posted to the site as it pertains to public records retention in the event it cannot be retrieved from the actual site itself.

The Communications Officer and content managers will be responsible for complying with established policies regarding:

  • All information security policies established by City
  • Americans with Disability Act
  • Branding
  • Copyright
  • Proper use
  • Records retention
  • Social media compliance

The Information Technology (IT) Department shall maintain a list of all City social media sites, administrative login IDs and passwords. As of the effective date of this policy, the Public Safety Public Information Officer (PS PIO) shall be the primary back-up City staff person that can access and maintain/post information in the absence of the Communications Officer.