Dune Walkover Restoration - opening Sept. 26th 2:00 pm

The City of Daytona Beach Shores is accepting bids for Dune Walkover Restoration in six locations, all of which are located on the beach in the City of Daytona Beach Shores.  The work will include all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation services and incidentals necessary to complete all work required by the applicable drawings and specifications. The complete bid document can be found here.

The plans for the project:

cover sheet

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

Drawing 6

Please consider reading the DEP permit package.

Addendum 1:  A question has been asked about the Tuscany Shores Walkover.  Due to recent erosion and the overall height of the walkover to achieve the 10 ft embed requirement, a 32 ft 6x6 is needed and the longest available is 26 ft.  Per the Structural Engineer:  "For the Tuscany walkover, utilize pressure treated glulam columns (5.25" X 5.5") as manufactured by Rosboro TREATED GLULAM (or equal as approved by the City) in order to achieve the 10' embedmentas specified on the contract documents."