Flooding is an act of nature which respects no boundary lines, either community or personal.  If you do not have flood insurance, contact your insurance agent as homeowner’s insurance policies do not normally cover damage from floods.   However, since the City of Daytona Beach Shores participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you may be able to purchase a separate flood insurance policy at a reduced rate.  The voluntary actions undertaken by the City of Daytona Beach Shores exceed the minimum standards and rewarded the community a fifteen (15%) discount for the NFIP policies issued, or renewed in the “Special Flood Hazard Area.”  This type of insurance is backed by the Federal Government and is available to everyone, even if your property has never been flooded or is not in a special flood hazard area.  You may also want to include your house contents, as most policies do not cover contents such as furniture.


The Community Identification Number (CID) for the residents of Daytona Beach Shores is 125100.


To determine if your property or residence is located in a flood zone and for more information on flooding, flood map services and floodplain management, please click on the links below under “LINKS & RESOURCES” or contact the City of Daytona Beach Shores Community Services Department to speak directly with Building Official, Fred Hiatt, at (386) 763-5377 or visit us at City Hall to speak directly with our staff.   Elevation certificates are available upon request. This is a free service.


Flood Protection Assistance is available by contacting the Building Division at (386)763-5377 or visiting us at City Hall.  Areas we may be able to help are:

  • If you are having drainage or flooding issues, we may be able to help identify the problem and offer repair suggestions.
  • Sewer problems and backups.
  • We can offer one on one advice.
  • Provide a list of contractors that have worked in the city.
  • We can help with site specific flood and flood related data for your property.  In many cases we can provide floor elevation info.
  • Selecting a contractor for your work.


If your property is prone to flooding or has drainage issues or if you have any questions or concerns about flood safety measures, please contact any of the following telephone numbers or visit the City's Community Services Department at City Hall: 

  • Community Services Department (Building & Codes): Tel. (386) 763-5371 or (386) 763-5377
  • Public Safety Department: Tel. (386) 763-5321

Fred Hiatt, Jr.
Building Official/Community Services Director
Community Services Department
2990 S. Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach Shores,FL 32118