Tournament Pictures

Instructions to View and Download Photographs from

Daytona Beach Shores Spring Pickleball Tournament

March 28-29, 2015

Go to this internet site by clicking on the link below or typing it into your browser:

It will take you to the DBS Pickleball Tournament gallery within the website. Don’t click on the “Buy Photos” button. We turned it off. All the photos are free. Follow these instructions to download one or more photos onto your computer.  

The photos you see are thumbnails. Click once on a photo to enlarge it. In the bottom right corner of the enlarged photo you’ll see a series of icons. Click on the download button (the down arrow with a line underneath it) and the photo is loaded on your computer.

Click the X button in the upper right corner to return to the thumbnails and continue to peruse the photos. You can view the enlarged photos consecutively by clicking on the arrow to the far right. You can also use the sliding bar on the right side to move quickly through the more than 800 photos.

The photo certificates are accessible here and from the DBS website

Rainer Martens, pickleball widower (she’s not dead just addicted to the game) of Julie Martens, is the photographer. If you would like to see his landscape and wildlife photography go to The photos on this website are for sale. Click on the Buy Photos button and follow the steps.

Rainer and Julie Martens