1. Confirm property is located within City limits. If property is not located within City limits and you would like to voluntarily annex into the City go to step 5.
  2. Verify proposed use/development is consistent with the property’s Zoning and list of permitted uses.
  3. Verify proposed use/development is consistent with the Future Land Use Map.
  4. Peruse the City’s Land Development Code  and Comprehensive Plan to determine applicable land development regulations.
  5. If assistance is needed regarding annexations, comprehensive plan amendments, rezoning, special exceptions, variances, etc. please feel free to contact the City Planner.
  6. Contact the City Planner to learn about the submission and review processes or click here for an illustration of the site plan review process for projects over 5,000 feet.
  7. Submit relevant application, fee and plans to the Planning Division for review.